Tennis sports betting: 5 key tips

Tennis sports betting: 5 key tips

Betting on tennis can be more successful in the long run than betting on other sports. Why? We’ll explain it to you below. In this tutorial we’ll break down the best tips and strategies for betting on tennis, as we’ve yet to outline the best tennis betting tips, without going into any specific tournaments.

And yet, if you want to know how to bet on tennis (Grand Slams, for example), you should keep in mind not only the tennis predictions for each tournament, but also a number of common key points.

For example, what advantages they can offer us over sports betting on football, basketball or other sports and how we can start to familiarise ourselves with this modality, one of the most important (although it may not seem like it) in the sports betting market.

Tennis sports betting is one of the most sought after concepts for those who are starting to bet. So… Are you coming?

Why play with tennis sports betting?

Learning to analyse any sport basically requires three things:

  • Observation skills.
  • Time (the more the better).
  • Patience.
  • 100$ welcome bonus.

With just those three elements on the table, learning to tell the difference between a serving player and a baseline player, familiarising yourself with the tactics in rally exchanges or guessing when it’s time for a backhand drop shot or a passing forehand can be extremely easy. And key to our tennis sports betting.

If we also understand that tennis is an eminently psychological sport, of strategists and duels between two players where the only important thing is to decipher the opponent, study their weaknesses and defeat them in an exercise of physical effort that can last for hours… we have the necessary ingredients to formulate a bet with a high probability of being successful.

Tennis sports betting: things to bear in mind

Although it may seem very unpredictable, tennis is a much more predictable sport than other sports such as football. Broadly speaking, it is enough to follow the results of important tournaments and the play of the players you want to bet on to know their weaknesses, their strengths and where they perform best.

Players who are in the ‘Top 10’ of the ATP or WTA rankings rarely fail and whatever the surface except when they play against each other, and for the rest of the clashes, we can use a simple comparison of statistics. Unlike other sports, tennis is very close to the statistics it reflects, with less room for surprise than in other sports.

The type of play in relation to the surface largely determines the results of the matches. This is why it is essential to know the different specialists.

A tennis player whom we think we have under control may lose performance on clay if his forte is his serve, or gain a lot on grass if he is a specialist in volleying and direct play. Being attentive to this type of detail is essential when it comes to limiting risks and, above all, making a profit.

But… Oh, problem! Bookmakers are also very attentive to this, so the odds usually reflect the reality of the matches quite well. Weigh the weight of potential profit against the risk when making your tennis sports betting predictions.

The moral, therefore, is that evenly-matched matches are the ones that will give us profit, with the particularity that we can establish profit niches if we identify specialists in certain surfaces and possible surprises.

Tennis betting: Markets

The set markets

Just as in football predictions we play with the interval, goal or corner kick markets, in tennis betting strategies it is essential to take advantage of the set markets. It is logical that we will have doubts whenever we want to bet on a match between two tennis players with the same ranking and statistics, but if we have studied their previous matches we can always take advantage of this type of betting as opposed to a simple bet on the victory of one or the other.

Betting on Djokovic, Nadal or Murray is complicated when they play each other, but if we are sure that both will win at least one set or that it will be a long match, we can play with these markets

Win at least one set in the match’, ‘correct score in sets’ or ‘total number of sets in the match’ are markets that can become tips for betting on tennis and give us profits even in matches that we believe have no history, with one player heavily favoured over another.

The games markets

It may be the case that we want to bet on, for example, a first round match of the world number one against an unknown tennis player in the Rankings. Normally, these clashes have ridiculously low odds for the bettor. In such cases, it is usually best to use the gambling markets.

Betting on a 2-0 or 3-0 in sets will probably also be very low, so we can use these other types of bets to make a profit.

Favourite tennis players usually win their first matches very quickly, especially in Grand Slam tournaments where there are more rounds until the final.

There are more or less than 30 games in the match’, for example, is a very good market when this happens. Or we can even bet on a handicap of games in favour of a tennis player, if we believe that his victory will be uncontested and he will hardly concede any chances to his opponent. We can also bet on a ‘total number of games’ in a given set.

Tennis betting tips, ideal for combination bets

Finally, in addition to a number of other markets that we can try out as we become tennis specialists (Tie-break, or which player will be the first to break the opponent’s serve, for example), we can use tennis betting to make up multi bets.

As we said at the beginning, tennis is a sport that is very faithful to its statistics between players, so it is more common to guess the victories of the favourites, especially in the early rounds.

This gives us the option of putting together wins of several matches to get combined bets of a decent odds, since usually the odds of the favourites are usually low. It is more common to win this type of combined bets than in many other sports.

By the way… tennis is also a form of betting where there are often some great betting promotions. For this reason, we recommend that you visit our betting promotions section before placing your tennis bets.

Tennis betting rules

We couldn’t finish these recommendations without the vision of someone who earns a living through sports betting. And, specifically, with tennis betting to a large extent.

We are talking about Iván Gabriel, a tipster who has collaborated in the past and who offers us his particular vision on tennis betting in five keys that are, for him, fundamental when it comes to learning how to handle this type of market:

Sports betting Tennis: IGTipster’s tipster tips

To start betting on tennis, the first and most important thing is to follow a proper strategy. Keep in mind whether you are going to bet according to certain criteria or not. By this I mean that there are several strategies for betting on this sport. Which market should I focus on? Match winner, winner of the 1st set, total games of the match, exact result… There we will have to define our strategy and focus on a market, which in the long term will give us profit.

Information about Tennis

Before making your first sports bets and tennis predictions you should gather information about each tennis player. Here we will have to spend some time every day to see how each player arrives, how he plays on each surface, see at what point he arrives looking at his last weeks of competition, see if he has had physical problems in recent tournaments and the load of matches he carries…

Face to face between players

In my opinion, one of the most important keys when it comes to getting the tennis predictions right are the previous matches between both players. If we have decided to enter a tennis bet, seeing that the information was good to enter, the next key is to see the head to head between the players facing each other.

We can get information and see that a tennis player has more options than another or that it is a very even match and we have decided to enter the games that are in the match, but if we see that the head to head does not match what we have decided, better not to enter the sports betting with tennis predictions not contrasted. There are details that make the difference and you should know them well.

Tournament stats and data

Tennis players are driven by feelings and above all, motivation and involvement in each tournament. It has been shown that there are players who mark dates in their calendar, whether for one reason or another. There are many aspects that can determine the reasons… From the conditions of the court (whether they are better or worse) to the reason of playing at home and feeling more motivated.

Therefore, we will find out what each player has done in the tournament being played in previous years, this information is key to whether we are going to make a bet or not.

Tennis Calendar

The last key that we will take into account to learn how to place a tennis bet, is to look at the calendar of the tennis player that we will bet on. You have to take into account that tennis players sign up for tournaments well in advance, without knowing how it is going to go or how they are going to be at that exact moment?

To give an example, it has been seen several times that a tennis player has been deleted from a competition because he is registered for another, reason enough to ‘let himself lose’, as he is more interested in going to the tournament the following week because he either earns more money or more points. This key is important to avoid surprises in our tennis betting.

In short, if you were looking for tips and strategies to bet on tennis now you will have many new ideas that will surely start to give you results. In addition, we analyse the tennis predictions of the most important tournaments so that you can put these tennis betting tips into practice.

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