Tennis Predictions: Discover the road to success

Tennis Predictions: Discover the road to success

Tennis Predictions: (Reliable) alternative to football

Hello! If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re looking for information about a clear and concise concept: ‘Tennis Predictions’. Good. Maybe you’re a regular bettor and have grown tired of football predictions; or maybe you’re a big fan of the ultimate racket sport and want to start betting on it.

Whatever your motivation, whether you’re fed up with not getting your sports betting tips right on other sports, or you want to expand your range of possibilities, in this little betting tips tutorial we’ll try to teach you the basics to learn how to make good tennis betting tips.

The first thing you need to know is that tennis betting is one of the most popular types of sports betting among the gambling community, along with football betting, basketball betting and horse betting.

But… is this enough for us to get involved in tennis betting tips?

The answer is… Yes! You will soon discover that tennis betting tips, if we know how to formulate and control them, can be even more rewarding than football betting tips.

How to make tennis betting predictions

The first key to learning how to predict a tennis match is to be familiar with the particularities of this great sport. Why is tennis, especially today’s tennis?

The answer is quite simple: logic. And it has always (or almost always) been like that, especially in the world of men’s tennis. Throughout history, great players have become legends because for a certain period of time they were almost unbeatable. This is still the case today with Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and company.

Tennis Predictions

What we want to get to with this first reflection is that tennis, within the unquestionable dose of chance and fortune that has to enter into any sport, is a fairly predictable sport if we take it in a very general context. Surprises, broadly speaking, occur much less frequently than in other sports, such as football.

How hard is it to see the world No. 1 lose to the world No. 250, even the world No. 15? That gives more confidence when making tennis predictions.

This is not to say that, of course, there are surprises; as well as unexpected defeats in specific matches due to form, type of surface played on and many other variables. But we insist that, in a generalised context, it is easier to predict what will happen in tennis than in other sports.

And it is in this context of possible surprises, where betting on live tennis while watching tennis matches gains strength and importance. How? Very simple and totally free thanks TV. Thanks to the possibility of watching the best tennis tournaments in streaming, you will be able to take advantage of that “silly day” that all great tennis players have at some point.

Otherwise, there are very important keys when it comes to defining who will win a particular tennis match. We list them all below:

  • Ranking: comparing the position of each player will help to see who is, a priori, the favourite.
  • Head to head: Reviewing the head-to-head history between players is essential.
  • Type of surface: Fundamental! Hard court, clay and grass; there are specialised players for each stage, and their level varies a LOT depending on the stage.
  • Previous performance of each player: How is his tennis year going, is he living up to expectations or is he disappointing?
  • Each player’s record at the Tournament in question: There are tournaments that seem to be ‘designed’ for a certain type of player. This is useful to know when forecasting
  • Points at stake (with respect to the Ranking): If a player has to defend points to maintain his position in the World Ranking, he can give more of himself at a particular moment.
  • Moment of form (physical and mental): Very important factor, as tennis is a very psychological sport.
  • Momentum of the player in a tournament: If he is mentally launched, he becomes dangerous, whatever his level in the Ranking.

With all these ingredients we can configure a very detailed context of what can be a match in question.


In a match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, we will first observe that the Ranking between the two will be very even.

Reviewing their head to head we can draw several conclusions:

  • They have beaten each other a similar number of times. Therefore, many options to be a very even match.
  • Nadal is better on clay, but Novak is better on hard court.

If we also know how the season is going for each of them, how they are doing in the tournament in question (both physically and mentally) and the points they are defending… won’t we have a lot of information when choosing our bets?

ATP Tennis Predictions

When it comes to tennis predictions, we must always differentiate between men’s and women’s tennis. Within the men’s draw, as we have already mentioned, there has almost always been, at least in recent decades, a fairly logical trend of victories in major tournaments by the top players in the ATP Ranking with respect to the rest.

Of course, new generations are emerging who, little by little, will replace the old glories. It is the law of life. But the current moment of the ATP Ranking is precisely one of conservatism. For now, the young players have not managed to unseat Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and company from the top positions in the rankings.

All this must be taken into account when making predictions, for example, for decisive matches and/or finals between top players and veterans, and emerging tennis players. Always keeping room for surprises, but with head.

WTA Tennis Predictions

The women’s circuit, however, differs from the men’s circuit in that in recent years it has offered a much wider range of possibilities regarding winners of major tournaments.

It is becoming more common than usual to see players from outside the WTA Top 10 reach the final rounds of tournaments that are theoretically reserved for the ‘chosen ones’. And although there are players who are not very likely to be surprised on the circuit, it is becoming more and more common to see surprises.

Therefore, nowadays and always in a general context, women’s tennis predictions are becoming less certain. That said, it is still easier to make good predictions compared to other sports.

Tennis predictions for today

Having said all that, another great advantage when it comes to making tennis predictions is that there is always a wide range of tennis betting odds waiting for users. The large number of tournaments played throughout the year allows for this.

And of course, there are always bets on the major tennis events of the year available to all users:

  • The 4 Grand Slams (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open).
  • The 9 ATP Masters 1000.
  • The ATP 500, 250 and 125 Tournaments.
  • The Challenger Tournaments.
  • The WTA Major Tournaments.
  • The Davis Cup.
  • The Federation Cup.
  • ITF Tournaments.

There is hardly a day of the year without tennis betting available. So, in order to be able to make good predictions, you know… You have to practice!

Tennis Predictions: Conclusion

As we have seen, with time, patience and some deductive skills, it is relatively easy to put all the information needed to make good tennis betting tips on the table.

We have all this information at our fingertips and we just need to put it in order to get a ‘mental context’ of each match we want to bet on.

However, as we always say, all this theory must always be bounded by large doses of common sense, and by the maxim that there is always room for surprises and that we will not win permanently.

Having said all this, we hope that this little tutorial has helped you.


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