Discover the most effective method to roll dice in the casino

Discover the most effective method to roll dice in the casino

Consideration of online dice rolling and its limitations

Before we start, we have to confirm the obvious; what we are about to explain does not apply to online dice rolling, so you will only be able to use this method in land-based casinos.

Why is that? Because you can’t actually roll the dice in an online casino. When they roll on the board, it’s like you’re trying to get a good combination on a slot machine. It’s played differently.

So, when it comes to making an online roll, the only way to affect the outcome is to move your chips to the squares on the table where the bets you want to make in your games are.

If you want to know more about this, then we invite you to read our articles on strategies that work in craps. You can access them completely free of charge and use your coins on the next roll.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to look at the odds of rolling two dice in the casino – every experienced gambler needs to know this information to make good bets!

The odds of rolling two dice in the casino for each available combination

All gamblers hope to roll a certain number that will allow them to make a big profit on their bets. After all, in most cases you risk more than a couple of coins when you roll.

So, the next time you’re going to enjoy a few games, consider the likelihood of rolling two dice. Here is the most and least likely score in these games:

  • Scores of 2 and 12 have only one possible combination, so they have a 2.78% chance of coming up in a game.
  • Scoring 3 and 11, they have two combinations available, so they have a 5.56% chance of appearing.
  • Scoring 4 and 10, they can be obtained through three combinations, so they have an 8.33% chance of appearing.
  • Scores of 5 and 9, with up to four possible combinations, have a 11.11% chance.
  • Scoring 6 and 8, five combinations are valid to get it, so they have a 13.89% chance of coming up.
  • The 7 points can be achieved with up to six different combinations, making it the most likely with 16.67%.

What does this mean? That it is much easier to win your games by betting on the 7, than it is to win on the 2 or 12. However, as is traditional in a casino, the best winnings are reserved for the least likely sum to come up.

However, remember why you are here: you have the opportunity to learn for free the method used by the best players to get the sum of the heads they want in their games. Win with them!

The method to get what you want in the casino dice game

Among the various techniques that will allow you to maximise your chances at craps, there is the Sharpshooter method. Sharpshooter is actually the name of a craps expert who wrote a book dedicated to the strategies that can be used in this game. Sharpshooter is known for having created a revolutionary method that allows you to control the movement of the dice in a certain way.

The vast majority of current systems for beating the casinos are based on simply comparing bets or evaluating a series of rolls. Sharpshooter’s method is revolutionary in that it aims to control the dice: its purpose is to allow players to “physically” change the outcome. Moreover, what makes this method so attractive is that, if the player manages to “physically” change his or her results, he or she can gain an infinite advantage over the casino.

Therefore, the game of dice rolling, despite being one of chance, can be altered by a skilled enough player to get the faces they need. Rolling in your games is the key moment!

Now that you know what it is, it’s time we explain what it is, so you can use the technique the next time you’re playing – getting the most out of every coin has never been easier!

Rolling virtual dice doesn’t apply to the method you have here.

Sharpshooter put the “perfect dice roll” to work. This seemingly far-fetched idea has, however, already been verified. Appeared twenty years ago, this technique consists of a throw that requires perfect stability of the body and a millimetric movement of the arm.

In this way, the die does not bounce off the table. On the contrary, it grazes the edge of the table, allowing the face of the die to land on the desired number.

This is how easy it is to control an ordinary throw to get the faces you want. Of course, this technique has to be practised until it is perfected and valid for every bet you make.

Is it now clearer to you why it is not possible to roll virtual dice and expect these results? For now, players literally cannot physically interact with the game board. Maybe in a few years…

Does this classic method appeal to you? Then be sure to check out where to get more details on how to move those dice in your favour – you can use it on every roll if you like!

Dice rolling games are forever changed.

Get the Edge at Craps – How to Control the Dice is the book Sharpshooter wrote and was published in 2001. Sharpshooter also offers videos on dice control and regularly speaks at seminars on gambling. His works are available in libraries and on the Internet.

Sharpshooter was an engineer for a long time and his various jobs in mechanics helped him to understand the principles at work when dice are thrown.

His method would work better than others. He claims that land-based casino staff know that dice control works, but that his method has been the only one effective enough to make them uneasy. The veracity of this claim is open to question. The only problem with this technique is that it cannot be adapted to online casinos at the moment.

Considering that, unlike at other times, here you don’t have the possibility to get some online bonus to play for free, the best you can do to learn how to place your chips correctly in dice rolling games is to watch a lot of illustrative videos. Google will give you more than enough.

You could practice at home too! Roll the dice as many times as it takes without risking a single coin and gain experience to place a real bet at the next casino you visit!

Play with the knowledge of how to roll the dice in a casino

Knowing how to roll the dice is the first step every gambler should take before placing their first bet in a casino. That way, every roll you make will be worth more, especially using the Sharpshooter method.

With each passing day, players are looking for new and exciting ways to influence the spins they make. Especially when the amount of money in the bet exceeds that of a couple of coins.

This method is not infallible either, but those who play with it usually receive better results once they have mastered the art of dice rolling. And if you combine it with the other strategies on how to bet on each roll, then the likelihood of big winnings is multiplied.

Roll the dice today and win with this simple method available to any player!

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