Online Casinos: Towards Anonymous Casinos?

Online Casinos: Towards Anonymous Casinos?

Keeping anonymity in our world has become very difficult. A lot of websites ask you to fill out forms with your contact information to proceed to the next step. The same goes for many certified online casinos that ask players for information upon registration. Take, for example, the well-known Woo online casino, which asks to enter a lot of data during registration – from name to place of residence – at first glance, this is necessary in order to send money from winnings to lucky winners. However, players have new opportunities to play in so-called anonymous casinos.

Certified Casinos vs. Anonymous Casinos

A certified casino requires new players to register and to provide a certain amount of personal information. These include name, gender, age, address, and banking information, which is encrypted during data transfer.

In contrast, an anonymous casino, as the name suggests, will require very little information: a name and email address may be sufficient. This type of casino may even skip the registration stage. This may be of particular interest to people who want to keep their identities anonymous online.

The anonymous casino does not want to be known by any web player. Therefore, with the exception of some casinos of the same type that require a minimum registration, it will generally not have a license.

What Types of Transactions?

Since anonymous casinos do not require bank account details to register, one might wonder how they carry out their bank transactions. It simply tends to work with cryptocurrencies, which provide both anonymity and privacy to the player. Other payment options, such as e-wallets, like Zimpler or Skrill, are also a popular alternative because of the relative anonymity they offer. They have the advantage of establishing a direct link between the bank card and the casino, without revealing the bank account details. These anonymous payment methods are especially popular at the betting sites, with transactions being made via e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Another completely anonymous payment solution, offered by the Swedish company Trustly, is developing in Europe. It allows its customers to make purchases without a bank card or application, using their online bank account information linked to PayPal or Transferwise.

Why Anonymity?

There are several reasons for this need for anonymity. The main one is that more and more players see anonymous casinos as a more secure source than traditional online casinos. Although the latter are equipped with data encryption systems and state-of-the-art technology, there is always a risk that a cyber attack will defeat their defenses, and banking and personal data will be exposed. With an anonymous casino, privacy remains inviolable.

In addition, some players who regularly change online casino platforms also like to access casinos quickly. The fact that they no longer have to fill out a registration form at this type of casino will appeal to them.

It must be concluded that playing at certified casinos and anonymous casinos both have their advantages and disadvantages. The ideal option seems to be an anonymous casino with a license. This way, protection mechanisms, and anonymous payment solutions will be available to the player. Online casinos still have some great surprises in store.

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